Ques: How is Pinerria helpful to me?

Ans: Pinerria is a marketing platform for Home Brands.   Registration is free on Pinerria.

As a seller, you can list your Home Business for free, to gain visibility of customers.

For a faster growth of business, you can make it premium, or use the Banner Service.

You can also publish a job opening, to find working hands for your business.


As a buyer, you can just locate the person providing the required service or goods within your city or other cities.

Once identified, you can directly talk or chat with that seller.

If you like it, you can give your reviews for that business.



Ques: How can I add my business in Pinerria?

Ans:  Simply click on ‘Add Business’ on Pinerria Home Screen.

You may be prompted to register as a ‘User’ if not already registered.  This will take not more than one minute. 

Once a registered user, you can click on ‘Add Business’ and fill in the necessary details and submit the form.   The admin will approve the same.  Once approved you can add photo gallery by going to the ‘Manage Gallery’ section in ‘Manage Business’ menu.


Ques: How is Pinerria different from others?

Ans: Pinerria is a venture which aims at helping people who operate their business out of their homes or small offices in making their products / services popular.  One of the underlying themes of this venture is ‘women empowerment’, which primarily aims at supporting women entrepreneurs in their marketing endeavour. 


Ques: Who all can see my post or ad?

Ans: All users of Pinerria within your city will be able to see your ad easily on Pinerria when they visit the ‘category’ of your product or service.   Users in other cities will see your ad when they select your ‘city’ from the menu.


Ques: Do I need to pay for posting an ad?

Ans: No, listing your ad on Pinerria is free, no hidden charges.   You only need to pay if you wish to use the ‘Banner’ service, or you wish to place a premium ad, which gets listed on the top in your category. You can place a premium ad by purchasing a package.


Ques: How do I share my business page on Pinerria with my friends and relatives?

Ans: You can share your business very easily with your friends and relatives by going to the detailed page of your business and clicking on the ‘Share’ button.  You can share it through whatsapp, facebook, email etc.   In fact, your friends and family can also share your page with others further.


Ques: What is ‘Banner’ service?

Ans: You would notice some banners on the top of Pinerria home screen and the category screen.  This is a paid service and helps in faster growth of your customer base.  You can place your banner request by selecting ‘Request a banner’ from the menu.  Once you send your request, a  Pinerria agent will get in touch with you.  You can choose the city, duration and Pinerria screen (Home or any Category) where you wish to place your banner.


Ques: How to purchase a package for my ad?

Ans: Purchasing a package is pretty easy with Pinerria. You may purchase a package by selecting ‘Make Premium’ from the menu.  You can select the package best suited to you.   When you make your ad premium, you get the following benefits:

  • Your ad gets placed amongst the top positions in your selected category
  • A message about your product / service is sent to all registered users of your category
  • The job posted by you also get listed amongst the top position.


Ques: Do I need to register to use the app?

Ans: No, you can enjoy the app without registration.  However, if you want to post an ad for your business, post a job, or put a review / comment, then registration is required.


Ques: How would potential buyers contact me?

Ans: Directly through phone and chat.  These are the two options for potential buyers to contact you.  However, if you switch OFF the option ‘Display my contact no. to buyers’, they will not be able to call you.  In such a case, they would only be able to chat with you.


Ques: Why I do not see my posted ad immediately?

Ans: The ad posted by you gets displayed to others only after the approval by Pinerria admin, which might take upto 48 hours.


Ques: Does Pinerria support in finding the right employees to run my business?

Ans: Yes, Pinerria has given you a facility to post one job, which will be visible to others, and people can contact you directly.  Please note that if you make your ad as premium, the job posted by you will also become premium, i.e. it will be listed on top positions.

Ques: Where can I seek help regarding this platform, if needed?

Ans: The platform is quite intuitive itself. For any further clarity, simply go to ‘Contact Us’ in Main Menu.

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